Summer Fashion

California. It’s a state that inspires love or hate with a whole lot of room in between. It’s the place I was born, raised, and grew into adulthood. From collecting sea glass from the NorCal shoreline, roasting marshmallows over a Lake Tahoe campfire, or hiking through the heavily wooded trails of the Sierras, I was […]

California Farmers Are Trying To Avoid Water Cuts

Why Farmers in California Are Avoiding Water Cuts Extended drought has left Californians in a hard to win situation that has the largest crop production in the US competing with the needs of the nation’s largest population group for one resource – water. Both groups face large mandated cuts if action isn’t taken soon, and […]

Shasta Caverns

Cammie King Conlon, she gained early recognition as “Bonnie Blue Butler” in Gone with the Wind – unedited part 2 Cammie passed away Wednesday morning at her home in Fort Bragg after a short battle with cancer. Cammie gained early recognition as “Bonnie Blue Butler” in Gone with the Wind. We were lucky enough to speak […]

Santa Cruz to Yreka

Anna Morris, Borrego Springs

Napa City Nights We had a chance to meet up with the organizers of Napa City Nights in Downtown Napa and talk about Napa, music and the efforts of musicians who contribute to Napa City Nights. Film Peter McGettigan

Mark Howl at the Vista Gallery on 2nd Saturday

Lucas Himovitz What can you say about Lucas, that hasn’t already been said.

Dennis Mamana, Astronomer Mark spoke with Dennis outside of the California Overland Offices on a full moon about Borrego Springs and Astronomy.