There are a few new architectural trends to be on the lookout for in 2015. Expect to look forward to these 5 trends in modern California architecture.

1. Designs Meant for Bold Color

Making a strong statement in a space is a tricky modern trend to pull off. But west coast architects are embraced the challenge in the trend and designing rooms that are meant for a splash of color.

The clean, white modern California kitchen is still a must-have feature in homes. But with the increased desire for open floor plans, architects are leaving plenty of space to incorporate your own personal via a bold color choice.

Think large accent walls, brightly colored subway tile backsplashes, or dark wood floors. In large event spaces you can expect to see bold color choices in unexpected places like stairwells, deep-set windows, and even doorways.

2. Industrial Lighting

The right kind of lighting is often overlooked. But modern California architects are all about industrial lighting that looks as good as the rest of the space. Steel, bare bulbs, brass, and farmhouse-inspired lighting will show up in California architecture throughout 2015.

In true modern fashion, industrial lighting will often be the focal point of a space; such as a high-ceiling with a large industrial-style chandelier as the first thing your eye sees. Unusual lighting that is functional art will take the stage in modern west coast architectural trends.

3. Green Designs and High Efficiency

With the California drought still raging on, the pressure with be on architects to design modern spaces that use less water and put out less of a carbon footprint. California is in the hot seat for adapting to a sick environment, and it will show in current architecture.

All new buildings in 2015 will have at least one or two energy efficient elements. Water efficient toilets, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters will be a guarantee. Architects will be proud to showcase their green designs and incorporate better heating and cooling systems that waste less energy.

4. Midcentury Modern Makes a Comeback

It’s been a growing trend for the last several years, but the minimalist look of mid century modern is still on the rise in California architecture for 2015. Don’t worry- folding laminate screens and tacky tile won’t be included in the revival.

Instead, architecture designs will continue to see the metal-and-glass combinations that were a hallmark of the mid century architectural era. Open floorplans, tons of natural light, clean lines and geometrics will make an appearance with a modern west coast twist.

5. Outdoor Elements Brought Indoors

Particularly for city-dwellers, the need for some natural elements in a design is in high demand. Driftwood mantlepieces, seaglass tile, river stone flooring, and easy access to outdoor spaces will be more prominently featured in modern architectural trends in California. With the coastal state of mind, subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminders of the beach or ocean will be prevalent.

Outdoor architecture may also shine in 2015. To compensate for the emergency water restrictions that are leaving lawns brown throughout California, more west-coast-suitable designs will be a major trend. Plants that require little water, don’t mind the heat, and plenty of grass-alternative outdoor planning will be seen from designers in 2015.

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