Even though it is difficult, time consuming, and tends to be expensive, many people choose to move. A variety of reasons come into play, from a new job to just wanting to be a new area. Here at Inspired by California, we love the West Coast State — and want to shine a light on Los Angeles. It attracts many people from all walks of life.

The Gorgeous Weather and Surrounding Nature

Who doesn’t love sunshine? LA is a great because its weather can’t be beaten by any other city. The sunshine can perk up anyone’s mood and make it easier to go from home to work. Additionally, the surrounding nature is definitely a perk, too. It’s scenic to drive or walk/jog around with palm trees, vibrant gardens, and the Pacific Ocean. Beyond just intrinsic enjoyment, LA can be a great back drop for posts on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

The Variety of Neighborhoods

Any way you slice it, neighborhoods matter. It’s so cool to find a neighborhood that you gel with, and then be able to explore new areas and new ideas just by going to a new one. Since LA is so large (you could even fit a couple smaller cities in its geographic footprint), there is a wide expanse of neighborhood experiences, from bustling to quiet, from art-driven to culture-rich. Whether it’s downtown, the Valley, or a suburb in the metro area, the city is captivating.

The People

The reason the neighborhoods in Los Angeles are so unique is related to the people who live in them. Activists, artists, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and more make up the core of the city. While every person has a slightly different flair, LA is so great because it’s such a cozy, laid back place that encourages growth. “Los Angeles is a place where one can strive while happy. One doesn’t trade away ambition so much as a unit or two of invigoration: On that metric, the pace isn’t frenetic enough to match New York; much seems less urgent in LA, for better and worse,” Conor Friedersdorf wrote in The Atlantic.

The Cons Don’t Outweigh the Pros

It wouldn’t be fair to write an article about how wonderful LA is without addressing some of its low points. Without a doubt, smog and sitting in a line of traffic that doesn’t seem to move very quickly can cause a good deal of stress. However, even though those are definitely negatives, they don’t carry a ton of weight. After all, it’s a city that’s populous for a reason—it has so much to offer.

There’s No Place Like it Anywhere Else

There are many cities in the world, and like most things, they get compared a lot. There are rivalries and people have different experiences and viewpoints. Los Angeles isn’t New York, Chicago, or San Francisco—it’s a city with a well-documented history, infrastructure, and people that defies comparison. And the residents, both new and old, of Los Angeles know this. It’s a source of pride.

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