Sunshine, celebrity, and beautiful beaches are some of the well-known attractions to California living. With so much to offer, it’s little wonder that California is one of the fastest growing states in the country. There are however, select, up-and-coming areas of the state that are growing at a particularly accelerated rate. Read on as we take a look at some of the most relevant, up-and-coming areas of California to move to right now.

Alameda County

Alameda County is considered a part of the San Francisco Bay Area, occupying the bay’s eastern shoreline. It is also one of the most rapidly up-and-coming regions in all of California. Much of this is due to prime real estate, business expansion, and in particular, the rapid growth and construction of housing within the city of Dublin.

As the chief demographer for the State Department of Finance, Bill Schooling is quoted as saying, here, “the growth is continuing in an upward trend.” Schooling also gives attention to the explosive growth of nearby San Jose as a notable fact with regard to area growth in his comments.

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore is a small municipality in Riverside County, California. A city of epic views and outdoors activities, Lake Elsinore surrounds its namesake, interior lake, Lake Elsinore. Growth here has seen a great uptick in recent years with no signs of change in the future. Aside from attractive geographic and climate attributes, the city’s outstanding public services, education system, and overall cleanliness and beauty have all driven its rise in desirability and subsequent population growth.


Another notable, upcoming California municipality is Temecula. This prime slice of wine country features a vast rural area that has become a high-value destination for those wanting to relocate. Plans and construction of rolling estates, golf courses, timeshares, resorts, and housing projects are all in the works for this area. Celebrated features of this growing region in the rolling countryside include the Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula Children’s Museum, Historic Temecula, and more.


Not too far from Lake Elsinore, and perched in the idyllic region just between Canyon Lake and Diamond Valley Lake lies Menifee. Menifee is a perfect sample of upcoming places in California to move to. This is much because of geographic qualities, levels of city service, property values, and desirability of neighboring areas as well. Outdoorsmen can delight in a plethora of available land and water activities. Business and homeowners likewise find comfort in the quality of life and healthy local economies.

Some additional, very inviting statistics for the city of Menifee are highlighted by Sperling’s Best Places,  Some of these include:

  • A future job growth rate of 34% is expected over the next 10 years.
  • A dense local population of professionals in the business, finance, and management sectors.
  • Family median incomes currently approximated at around $62,341.

These are some of the most noteworthy, up-and-coming areas to move to in California right now. For those interested in possibly moving to one of these attractive locations, there are many west coast lending options and Sacramento car title loans available to you. To join the movement, consult with your west coast lending expert today.

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