As usual, California is on the cutting edge of style, just as it is on the forefront of ideas and technology. The recent spike in popularity of the California clothing style may have you wondering, “How can I achieve the look?” The California look promotes comfort and freedom while emanating grace, confidence and beauty. Learn more about the California clothing style and understand the culture that influenced and molded this continuing trend.

California Culture and Landscape

California is a land of rugged beauty filled with contradictions. Facing the seashore, you are confronted with eye-catching sunsets, rolling surf and salt spray. At your back are rolling, proud hills and mountains. The culture of the state is unlike any other. While the state is host to a wide range of prominent learning institutions such as Stanford University and the University of California, the free-thinking, liberal-minded spirit propagates areas such as San Francisco, where the original hippie movement began in the 1970s.

California’s people are extremely diverse, as this large, heavily populated state contains perhaps one of the widest range of heritages in the country. From the pioneers of the gold rush in the 1850s to the modern musical and film artists who call California home, this state is known for pushing boundaries of thought, business, art and more for hundreds of years. And of course, it would be remiss to discuss the culture of California without mentioning the large surfing community and coastal inhabitants appreciation of the ocean, which is found at the doorsteps of all who live on scenic Route 1.

Overall, the culture and landscape of California spills over into the laid-back yet pioneering spirit of its fashion, creating a unique California clothing style unique to the state.

The Casual Day-to-Day

On a normal day, Californians look like they just came from the beach. They may be wearing short, ripped jean shorts and an oversized, Bohemian sweater. Their hair is natural, with highlights, waves and curls that emphasize a wind-blown look. Jewelry options include wide cuffed bracelets and long, thin chain necklaces. They may opt for a wide-brimmed, floppy sun hat and ankle boots or sandals. Airy, tank top rompers are also a popular choice.

Dressing Up for the Nightlife

The California clothing style highlights flow, as can be seen in the choice of dresses, both for casual and formal wear. The v-neck cut, soft fabric hugs the hips and stretches down to the floor. Dancing and the nightlife may require a hip-hugging, sleeveless mini dress.

Colder Months

It may never truly get “cold” in California in the manner in which many other states define the meaning of the word, but when the temperature drops, Californians don skinny jeans, boots, leather jackets and flowing scarves to protect against the chill.

Whatever you do, don’t forget a pair of Aviator sunglasses to block out the glare from the hot California sun. Flesh out your wardrobe with items to construct your own version of the California clothing style today.

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